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Validate Student Activities/Skills [W]

1.  Go to 

2.  [SIGN IN] with your Email Address & Password. Confirm the INSTRUCTOR radio button is selected. 

3.  From the Instructor Home Dashboard, scroll down to view all submitted student Activity Logs.

4.  Review Start and End times for accuracy. Select EDIT, if needed. 

5.  Click REQUIRED ACTION to approve/evaluate each submitted session. 

  • Select SHOW ENTRIES and select the number of entries to view on the page.

  • Click GIVE RATING to approve one skill at a time. OR


  • Check the box SELECT ALL & click RATE ALL to approve multiple skills together simultaneously. (see image)

6.  Choose Detail or Number Rating, as applicable, and select the appropriate rating from the drop down list. Select NA if no rating applies.

7.  Add Comments to provide student feedback and guidance. 

8.  For Tags: check the Tag(s) that apply, *one tag is required. 

9.  Click the GIVE RATING button to complete the evaluation and submit to the student.