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Create a Student Learning Contract (Web)

1.  Go to 

2.  [SIGN IN] with your Email Address & Password. Confirm the INSTRUCTOR radio button is selected. 

3.  Click the EVALUATION tab.

4.  Select STUDENT LEARNING CONTRACT (SLC) at the bottom of the listing


6.  Click Select Student using the Student drop-down field

7.  Enter the following Details in each applicable box: 

  • Optional cc: Instructor Notifications (Select co-instructor/lead name from the drop-down, to cc other instructors of the Student Learning Contract, if applicable. *You will not add your own name if you are initiating the contract)

  • Select the Date of Expected Achievement

  • Type, or Copy & Paste Opportunities for Performance Improvement

  • Type, or Copy & Paste Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes from course competencies in your handbook if applicable

  • Type, or Copy & Paste Action Plan/Strategies for Improvement

8. Click SUBMIT to send the SLC to the student.