Instructor: Continue Eval (Web-only)

1.  Go to 

2.  [SIGN IN] with your Email Address & Password. Confirm the INSTRUCTOR radio button is selected.

3.  Click the EVALUATION tab

4.  Select the desired COURSE (e.g.: NUR XXX)

5.  Search by the Student's First or Last name

6.  If the status shows "Ready for Review", Click on CONTINUE EVAL to open and complete the next entry.

*If the status shows, Submitted to Student, Chat with support to send a reminder to the student to acknowledge their clinical evaluation so the instructor can continue.

6.  Complete each page or tab as required for the school/competency fields as needed.

8.   Click SUBMIT to send to the student for review and acknowledgment.

NOTE: Only one eval entry can be submitted at a time.  Once the student acknowledges, an instructor can submit the next entry. All experiences are collected on the same form throughout the semester so there is one file to export at the end of the course.