Start and Log a Student Session

1.  [SIGN IN] to the TracPrac® App 

2.  Select the Menu option (displayed as ≡)

3.  Tap the green Start a new session bar to check-in for your clinical experience

4.  Enable GPS to allow TracPrac® to locate your nearby clinical facility (TIP: choose “No specified location” if no location is available) 

5.  Select the following from the drop-down lists: 

     A. Location (Clinical Site) 

     B. Location Type (e.g. lab, sim, clinical, virtual, or makeup

     C. Instructor (confirm first and last name)

     E. Select Save to confirm your CHECK-IN and start your time

 NOTE:  You will need to return to the TracPrac® app [ACTIVITY LOG] at the end of your day to [ADD SKILLS] and [END SESSION] to check-out.