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Adding Skills

1.  [SIGN IN] to the TracPrac® App 

2.   Go to the Menu (displayed as ≡) 

3.   Select the current OPEN session from the ACTIVITY LOG

4.   Select ADD SKILLS to choose the skills/objectives achieved from the list

5.  Tap the Skills Category

6.  Tap to select each skill or objective as many as applies and Click DONE

7.  On the Skill Detail page, Choose your Participation Role and Type brief NOTES (optional) documenting an example of how an objective was met during your clinical experience. 

8.  Select SAVE on all pages so SAVE turns gray

9.  Select ADD SKILLS again to add additional skills as applicable, saving each time. 

10.  Select SAVE and END SESSION when all skills have been added and you are ready to submit task(s)/time to your instructor.  (Note: NO changes can be made once you End Session)